Our History

The group was founded under the title of ‘Keele Boy Scouts’ way back in 1932 by a group of local lads who met in an outbuilding of the Sneyd Arms Pub in Keele Village (barely 100 yard from our current meeting place!) Back in 1932 Scouting was only for boys and the uniform consisted of wide brimmed hats, long socks and short shorts, you may not have recognised a Cub Scout (or Wolf Cub back then) if they had walked past you! However our sense of adventure, having fun and helping others have been there since the beginning and are as strong now as they have ever been.

During the years of the Second World War the group became dormant as many of its leaders and older boys went off to fight for their country. After the war the group continued and when Keele University opened in 1949 the group became based on campus and were officially affiliated with the institution. This was a big change for the group as the name was changed to ‘94th University of Keele’ and the Necker was changed to adopt the University colours of Red, Black and Gold that we still proudly wear today. The group remained happily based in various meeting places on Keele University campus for the next 46 years enjoying all the green spaces, woodlands and facilities it has to offer.

In 1995 times were changing and spaces to meet on campus were becoming increasingly restricted so the group moved its meeting place to St. John’s Primary School in Keele Village (our current meeting place). Although the name changed to ‘94th St. John’s Keele’ we kept the University colours for our Necker to show that we were still very much a part of Keele University’s past and future.

94th Keele celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2007, the same year as Scouting as a whole celebrated its centenary, and recently the Cubs100 in 2016 marking 100yrs of the section.

We have a small dedicated team of volunteers who work tirelessly to make the activities as fun and engaging as possible, although more help is always needed and greatly appreciated!.
In 2017 we celebrated the group’s 85th birthday!

The 10th of October 2018 marked the first ever meeting of a Scout Troop at 94th Keele.

The group currently has a running Beaver Colony, Cub Pack and Scout Troop.


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