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Are you looking for somewhere to gain volunteering hours, acquire new skills, improve your CV and have loads of fun at the same time? If so you need to come on down to Keele Village and check out 94th (St. John’s) Keele Scout Group!

Whether you’re working towards one of the Keele Volunteering Awards, Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE), going into a career working with children and want to gain some experience or simply looking for a way to continue your Scouting whilst at University, this is the place for you. Get in touch via our Get Involved page or through the KeeleSU Volunteering Team.

We have had many students over the years join our Leadership Team as everything from occasional helpers lending a hand when they can to fully trained Leaders actively planning and running meetings, trips and camps!
We understand that as students the work and time pressures on you can sometimes be enormous (especially around exam time) that’s why volunteering at 94th Keele is designed to be extremely flexible and allow you to easily balance University and Volunteering.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what past students have thought about their time volunteering with 94th Keele 🙂


I decided to get involved with the group to gain some experience working with kids to put on my CV as it will be useful in my future career. I expected to find it difficult to fit volunteering around my studies and commitments with the Dance Society, but the leaders were really flexible and made it easy to help out whenever I had the time.


When volunteering at 94th Keele I found a way to make a difference to the young people in the area. I gained a great deal of teamwork skills helping to plan and run activities and found I value working with young people and seeing them develop. Volunteering in Scouting and other groups is partly what inspired me to pursue my current career as a teacher!


Helping with 94th Keele gave me a chance to continue my Scouting and work towards my Duke of Edinburgh Gold. I’ve had so many fantastic times with the group, been to great places and made friends I’ll never forget. I’ve gained confidence, leadership, organisation and communication skills useful for my future job.
Volunteering at 94th Keele has also helped me through some of the harder times at Uni, when the workload & deadlines seemed too much, when being so far from family got me down and when I lost someone dear. The friends I’ve made at the group have cheered me up and made me smile when I needed it the most and for that I can’t thank them enough. To anyone thinking of helping I say GO FOR IT! you’ll have the time of your life!


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